Olive Theory Pizzeria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How big are the pizzas?

Pizzas are about 11 inches thin crust.

What's the bake time?

It’s about 3 minutes depending on the amount of toppings.

How hot does the oven get?

The floor of our oven has various hot zones with temperatures ranges from 600 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. The dome reaches more than 1,000 degrees. It takes skill to properly rotate & maneuver multiple pizzas through the various hot zones.

How should I reheat my pizza?

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees with a baking tray. Once up to temperature, place your pizza in the oven on the preheated tray. Bake for 3-5 minutes until cheese melts evenly & ENJOY!

What's a Pie-Sandwich?

It’s our calzone-taco version of a sandwich. We use the same house-made dough, place our fresh ingredients on one side, fold the other side over, and then bake it to perfection. It browns over nicely on the top and bottom for a nice crunch throughout.

What are you vegan options?

Our house-made pizza dough & vegetable toppings are free of meat, egg and dairy. If getting a salad, feel free to try our Balsamic Vinaigrette. Please note our house Caesar and Ranch Dressings contain dairy along with our desserts. Our chocolate contains dairy and our marshmallows contain gelatin.

Are your cheeses pasteurized?

Yes, feel free to get extra cheesy.

Are there any nuts?

Please be aware we do have peanut butter on one of our desserts.

Do you deliver?

We don’t do deliveries currently. Our pizzas take about 3 minutes to bake. If you really are in a time crunch, your best option is to order ahead by phone (630-519-5152).

When are you open?

We’re open everyday from 11AM to 10PM.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed on Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. Hours will be limited on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve & New Years Day. Limited hours have yet TBD.

What's the 1/10 Pledge?

We donate one pizza for every ten pizzas you buy to support like-minded individuals and groups who believe in active community involvement.

Do you help with fundraisers?

Yes, we are open to help fundraise for a good cause. Feel free to email or call for more details.

Are you hiring?

The best way to find out is to send an email with your resume and to follow up with a phone call. See our career page for more details.you.